This page is a quick guide to my frugal living habits, laid out room by room. I’ll be updating it with new ideas when I come across them!


  • Install blackout blinds: I have 2, inside and over the window frame, because I’m a night shift worker. They block the light and also keep the heat inside.
  • Electric heater: I use one of these for a few minutes before bed, along with a hot water bottle and plenty of blankets, when I don’t want to heat the whole flat with gas central heating.
  • Energy saving lightbulbs: in the bedside lamps!
  • Moth prevention: I’m using wooden cedar blocks to keep any pesky moths out of our clothes. Moths hate them! I also have a few hankies with lavender oil on them in the clothes as a cheap measure.


  • LED lamp: the bathroom is lit by a motion activated LED lamp not a lightbulb, for those quick visits!
  • Shower timer: free from our water supplier, runs for four minutes.
  • Dilution: I dilute all my conditioners with water and cider vinegar, and all of my shampoos with water.
  • Flannels: I don’t buy baby wipes any more, I just have washable flannels.
  • Hair: Buy some sharp hairdressing scissors. I cut my own fringe and dye my own hair.
  • Cleaning: In the bathroom I use white vinegar and, very infrequently, thin bleach.


  • Cloths: I don’t buy cleaning cloths or kitchen towel, I just use cut-up cloths recycled from clothes and socks.
  • Cleaning products: I clean everything with white vinegar in a spray bottle.
  • Washing machine: I use 2 x eco detergent balls without any washing powder or liquid. I only use fabric softener to make the clothes smell nice and I dilute it by 50%.
  • Tumble dryer: I don’t have access to an outside line so I run the dryer with 3 x woolly dryer balls which I scent with lavender or orange oil.


  • There’s always a duvet on the sofa, no matter the weather!
  • The TV box is a Freeview plus box without a monthly charge.
  • All of the lightbulbs in the house are low energy.
  • I make sure to switch appliances and plugboards off at night.
  • Water: I turn the stopcock off if the flat is going to be empty all day or if going away.
  • Meters: I have the key to the gas meter on my keys so I can read it whenever I want!