Today we picked 1.8kg of damsons from next to the railway bridge near Telegraph Hill. I have made:

  • 600mls of damson cheese
  • A large jar of damson and plum sauce (for desserts or for stir frys).

I was surprised this worked. I used Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s advice and it really was good – I’m just waiting for the damson cheese to set because apparently under-ripe damsons set better, I’ll have to report back. The damson and plum sauce was certainly a hit though. If I get better at this I’ll have to take up my Grandma’s mantle of making Damson Gin and Vodka as South East London seems to have more damsons than I’ve ever seen.

As we’re having a staycation, I’m enjoying some time at home, and in addition to doing a large pile of laundry, I also made:

  • One large apple tart. Made with Bramley apple sauce and Granny Smith apples, rather than with apricot sauce, and dowsed in brown sugar, my version is probably too British to be a tarte tatin, but it’s Monsieur’s favourite, so I did my best!
  • 4 jam tarts (with the leftover pastry from the tart) and some French apricot jam I didn’t especially like and have been trying to use up for ages.
  • One huge pot of what was supposed to be Red Beans ‘n’ Rice but turned out to be White Bean cassoulet. I used 4 slices of bacon and a whole pint of home made chicken soup in the mix, it was heavenly.

I wrapped 2 birthday books for my nephew and watched a lot of Food Network. Joy!


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