Today’s the first day off in AGES I’ve had time & inclination to go through the food cupboards, plan some meals and do some cooking. I’ve had a stocktake and I’ve bought some more eggs, milk and apples. Other than that I’ve got plenty in the house. At the bottom of this post I’ve listed some of my ‘staples’.

Meal Plan w/c 24th April 2017.

(Breakfast in our home is always porridge, rice crispies, or toast).

Monday: Breton Galettes with Bacon, Leek & Cream Soup

Tuesday: (at work) Leek & Cream Soup with gluten free bread. “Something on Toast” – I shall be coming home late, so it’ll be cheese or egg on toast.

Wednesday: Vegetable and lentil bake, Soup.

Thursday: (at work) Veg bake, soup!

Friday: (at work) Veg bake, Pizza

Breton Galettes: I was inspired by Frugal Queen. I had some buckwheat flour to use up, and took the recipe from Doves Farm. It was very easy, and I like that the savoury pancakes are a bit crispier than normal pancakes.

Leek & Cream Soup: I have a whole carton of double cream and 2 large leeks that need using. I also have carrots and potatoes, half an onion and garlic to use. I’m following a Delia recipe for Potage Flamande, but with my own revisions.

Vegetable bake: I need to use up a large courgette and 4 small carrots. I’ve soaked some lentils so that I can make a veggie bake – I haven’t worked out the recipe fully yet but it will involve potatoes as well!

Here are some of my cupboard Staples, great to fall back on in times of need or hurry:

  • Frozen onions, peppers, butternut squash.
  • Tinned pears and tinned peaches
  • Tinned salmon
  • Tinned green lentils (much quicker than soaking them!) and tinned kidney beans in chili sauce.
  • Tinned Campbell’s Condensed Mushroom Soup (usually for pasta bake)
  • Ryvitas ( I love them with fried mushrooms or with pastrami)
  • Cheap gluten free brownie mix, for emergencies, with Carnation caramel sauce spread on top and biscuit crumbs. An absolute fail-safe when you really can’t be bothered but need something gooey and chocolatey!

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