Welcome to February 2017! I hope wherever you’re reading this you’re not too storm-battered or freezing cold. Here in smoggy London we’re not feeling the effects of the weather as we’re insulated by industry and pollution (and the Thames Valley). Here are some things I’ll be focusing on this month:


I’m enjoying the guitar equipment that I’ve already got combined with stuff lent to me by my awesome brothers and stuff that I’ve appropriated from Monsieur. I’ve learned how to use my new looper pedal, dusted off an old Boss AC/DC adapter, found an unused packet of electric guitar strings in my kit bag, revamped Bro 1’s Telecaster, and sorted out Bro 2’s old Kustom amp. Playing guitar like this again gives me the absolute shivers! I’ve saved up for a new guitar, but I’m so much enjoying getting back into the swing of everything again and I haven’t spent a penny.


I learned from my Thames Water bill that we use 9,470 litres of water a month. This just seems incredible for two people, although actually it’s average according to The Consumer Council for Water. I’ve learned that using a dishwasher really does use less water then washing up. I’m measuring water into the kettle, I’m saving a bucket of water (when you’re waiting for the tap or shower to heat up) because you can flush the loo with it. I turn the stopcock off at night or when I leave the house empty because I know we have a leak in the system, and I’m also pouring cooking fat into an old eggbox to throw out instead of letting any of it go down the sink and turn onto one of London’s legendary fatbergs.


I’ll be changing the electricity supply to a smart meter company (fingers crossed this goes okay). I’ve been with npower since 2010 on the lowest, longest fixes, but due to concerns about price hikes  we’re going with a smart meter company to at least see if we can beat our target of £47 a month (that’s what npower were charging).


It seems I may need a ‘new’ smartphone (it probably won’t be a top-of-the-range model), and I’m praying that I don’t need a new laptop. I’ve got savings put by but I want to use my tech as long as possible. I thought there was a problem with the laptop. I uninstalled every app I don’t use, checked the automatic defrag updates, renewed all the device drivers, and finally plugged in the ethernet cable…seems it’s a slow wi-fi thing. This is the upper limit of my computer know how so if much else goes wrong I shall need to upgrade or see a local computer shaman.


I’ll be using the Megabus to get to Norwich with my NUS card. You have to pay £30 for a three year NUS card now, so it’s more like a discount group than an automatic benefit. However this trip will be only £8.40! I was thinking to drive, or even hire a car but a kindly friend has agreed to give me a lift to idyllic North Norfolk – we may be skint NHS Nurses but splitting an apartment seven ways and having a friend give us pedicures makes for a fun weekend!

See you soon,

Mrs P xxx


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