I’ve been skipping around all happy this week because, as Micky Flanagan would say, “I’ve got a new top!”.

I have seven new tops! All because I dyed them grey. I had:

  • 1 x brand new top from People Tree, in raw (beige) cotton
  • 2 x striped tops and 1 old vest which were once new, from a high street store
  • 1 x polyester tee, used to be new, from a high street store
  • 1 x thick cotton breton top which was from a charity shop
  • 1 x pink teeshirt with a Toucan on it, from a charity shop

How I bought the dye, and real life costings.

I have dyed them using Dylon Washing Machine Dye in Pewter Grey. I got this for £5.00 a pack from Wilko. I bought 6 packets of dye (in Grey, Maroon and Black because I know I will use them) at £30.00 with £4.00 for delivery (still cheaper than the next cheapest which I think was Robert Dyas).

I purchased the £34.00 shop though TopCashback, which will give me 4.4% of the payment back (in 12-18 weeks time). I paid for it using my TSB credit card which gives me 1% back on purchases (I pay my credit card off each month in order to get the 1% benefit).

So all in all I got a 5.4% discount on this price, or £1.83 back in my pocket. Bit of maths here…each packet of dye cost me £5.36, and I got seven tops from my dye-load today, so the adjustment to each top cost 77p in dye and I love this method of re-duce, re-use, re-cycle!

I’ve never had an issue using Machine Dye as long as you follow all the instructions. Dylon have now added salt to the dye so you no longer have to go to the shop and buy half a kilo of salt to use with it.

I’ve been really enjoying the tops – they really do feel like new, and I’ve been wearing them to the WI, to the pub, and to the park! It’s especially nice reviving the thick cotton Breton top as it’s been JOLLY COLD here at -1 degrees Celsius out of the sun, and I’ve been layering up.

Mrs P xxx



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